Hello from Alan, 2E0FWE (M7ALU)

Thank you for visiting my amateur radio blog. If I’ve not already had a QSO with you , i look forward to doing so, but if we already did, thanks for looking up my site 🙂

I’ve been interested in electronics, computers and such things since my youth. I obtained my foundation licence in December 2019 thanks to Poole Amateur Radio Society. I self-studied for my intermediate and was due to take in March 2020, thankfully the RSGB done supervised exams and obtained my Intermediate licence in August 2020. I really appreciate all the content people have put on youtube and RSGB revision books. I do plan to get the Full/Advanced licence as time and training methods allow.

I now mostly enjoy HF and digital modes, but enjoy telephony as well, but I don’t practice as much as I should. I do want to learn morse also.

I have a couple of transceivers, but my main one of use is the Icom 7300, which has been amazing. For antennas I use a end-fed mutliband (80-10) dipole on 40m whilst I construct the Nebula swivel base – which gives good results in my QTH. The IC705 gets use at home, currently using a Buddipole setup on 20M – i use QRP <5W and amazingly make contacts!

I hope you enjoy my blog and hope to hear from your on the airwaves and/or the blog.

Alan / 2E0FWE / M7ALU

A feathered friend visited the QTH and the DX Commander mast