Hello from Alan, M7ALU

With it being 6 months of having my Foundation licence, i thought I’d update the front page 🙂

Firstly, a little about myself. I’ve been interested with radio on-and-off since I was a young lad, seeing CB’s operated and listening to the conversations was really interesting. I did study for my Class B licence in the early 90’s but never got around to taking my C&G Exam.

Fast forwarded to 2019 and finding that the entry for Amateur Radio is vastly simplified and a local club, in this case Poole Radio Society, is running the course and exam. I passed the Foundation exam in December 2019 and received the callsign M7ALU. Some would say that the ALU was a choice, but it was just luck (arithmetic-logic unit) and I’m really happy with it.

Since passing my exam I’ve ventured in VHF/UHF and HF. I enjoy all different modes and methods of reaching other amateurs. I have no problem with QSO’s via DMR and using local repeaters, I find it a great way of talking to other operators clearly and enjoyably. I also enjoy (and greatly appreciate) all those that setup the repeaters which I use on 2m/70cm, sadly the rise in DMR and other digital modes has seen repeaters go quiet, but its great to see them very lively (usually when linked to others via Echolink and other repeating methods).

In my shack you’ll see that I have already a couple of radios, but I only use two of these on a day-to-day basis, mostly due to space and the amount of work looking after these two take (I work 9-to-5 and them some….) For HF I have a Kenwood TS-690s and for VHF/UHF a Retevis RT90. The Kenwood gets alot of action on digital modes, be it receiving Wefax, participating in WSPR or enjoying FT8 across multiple frequencys us Foundation holders can still enjoy. The RT90 bounces between scanning the local repeaters and I put the call out usually in the morning on the local repeater near my QTH, and then in the evening (small hours) on DMR listening to various channels, but my favourite is Reddit Talk Group – it has an IRC channel as well, and I’ve already made some good contacts both via Radio and IRC.

Please do check back and read my ‘blog’ – i usually do at least one post a week depending on what I’m upto and what time allows.

Until next time, 73’s

Alan / M7ALU

A feathered friend visted the QTH and the DX Commander mast