Equipment – NanoVNA

NanoVNA Vector Network Analyzer

If you are like me and using a ‘temporary’ antenna, such as the buddipole, which changes it configuration, then whilst the documentation will guide to the correct setup for getting the resonant frequency, getting the SWR down as low as possible is good practice.

Being on 10W getting more power out as RF, rather than back into any other part of the antenna system is good for making QSO’s. My learning at Poole Radio Society taught us with a MFJ antenna analyser – and these are great pieces of hardware, come at a price. However, youtube and internet searching guided me to ‘NanoVNA’ – now never hearing what a ‘VNA’ being a Vector Network Analyzer, before led me to learning alot !

My favourtie video tho is this one by TheSmokinApe which is a HAM Radio Introduction use of the NVA. With a bit of time and watching the video, i was getting SWR readings of 1.4~1.5 on my antenna setup, which I was taught represents a very low loss in output to the antenna, and as such has proven so !

I have used the memorys for storing the frequencys I’m currently using and am not disappointed with the results.