Hi All !

Well having been busy on a variety of things, probably easier to do a mini-update !

VHF/UHF Operations

Having received the IC9700 have attached its own PC with dedicated software. Have upgraded the antenna to an Diamond X7000, early results are promising, G4PRS Net results following as of 6/12/21 on 145.450Mhz

G0JJI – 5/9 5/5
G1TEX 5/9
g1uvq 5/9 Trevor
2E0FWE —
2E0GPD 5/6 Clear Signal In
2E0EQD 5/9+20
2E0JPD 5/7 Very Clear; Wind affected antennas – Nothing Heard
G0ODP 5/9 5/7 paul (Corfe Mullen)
M0AXM/P 5/9 (Call sign hard to make out)
2E0DJW 5/9 (David)
G3MBM   5/9 (John Swanage)

Have been exploring APRS and Direwolf, mostly receiving and decoding packets into Pinpoint software. Interesting and learning more !

SSTV at the weekend on 144.450 so far no other callers, but have setup a return picture service which I used, this went really well with the new antenna and only using a Baofeng UV-5R. Am working on a better mobile solution to have /P operation on 2m/70cm.

Have picked up a beacon on 23cm which I think is the one in Mere, just great to pull something in. I wish the 9700 UK version also included the ATV section of the 23cm band as there is a nearby repeater.


Have setup the MFJ 993B to feed the antennas into the IC7300, allowing use of the end fed and 6BTV at a push of a button with the ATU taking care of the SWR. This had made operation on topband (160M) via the end fed possible. No telelophy contacts , but plenty of FT8 around Europe which I am happy with.

Making more Telephony contacts on 80m, enjoying lengthier QSOs, operators seem not to be in so much of a rush on 80m and have an actual conversation. During the day my friend and I have enjoyed listening to Hack Green SDR to some very amusing QSOs….

My Kiwi websdr is offline for the moment as I am relocating the antenna and feed wire, I’ve had no complaints.

Have my ovid booster jab coming up and am eager to get back to G4PRS club on Thursday nights…