Hello from M7ALU, Alan K.

Hello therre !

You may have contacted me on the radio already, where I would of already greeted you, however if this is the first time for you to find me, hello from Alan.

I have had an interest in amateur radio since my days at Hastings College of Arts of Technology (HCAT) where a Radio Club was run by an excellent tutor. Whilst I was looking forward to what would of been a City & Guilds exam back then, I never got around to taking the exam and getting my Class B licence.

Fast forward 30 years, and still with a keen interest in amateur radio I find that the classifications have changed, and the required learning also. As such one evening over several weeks I attend Poole Radio Society and thanks to the brilliant tutouring pass my Foundation licence !

Whilst I am not a nervous person, I can say that the practical test on HF and VHF in radio ettiquete had me very nervous, and this is from somone that loves to TALK (and a previous member of TOASTMASTERS, so public speaking should be a worry !). So passed the exam, with only 2 incorrect in December of 2019, and I was straight ot Ofcom to get my call sign, M7ALU becomes active !