Calling CQ on 2M.. its a bit quiet

I am very lucky to live near a really well connected simplex gateway, namely MB7IFD, which connects into Echolink, DStar and regular FM. It is has quite alot of activity thruout the day as I listen in casually, and tend to make my QSO’s in the evening.

Whilst I like the Ferndown gateway, I do try and get on the calling frequency, namely 145.500, and trying to make a ‘local’ contact without the use of the repeaters/gateway. Its not that I dont have anything against gateways or repeaters, but in a full over on frequency up from the calling frequency you are free from timing out and using the repeater from too long in one go.

So for now I’m going to keep trying, i might publicise when I’m actually going to go on, that my attract some listeners and get some local QSO’s.

IIn the mean time, its back to 145.2125 and MB7IFD.