No Transmission today..

With the bad weather looming (Storm Ciara) I have played it safe and kept the masts down, rather that thany injurys, Not 100% when the bad weather is due to hit here, but instead of not doing anything, decided to set about securing the flag-pole mast more.

I set about digging a small hole for the bucket. The bucket will have the pole support in, then thoroughy concreted into the bucket. With this place into a reasonable depth hole and then with more supports, i think this will suppor the mast when fully up right.

I used Blue Circle Read Mix Postcrete – to start with i used an entire bag in the bucket which almost done the job apart from about 2 inches of water on the top. A quick dash to B&Q topped up with a bit more and levelled provided a really study support for the pole.

‘on the label’ it says ready in 10 minutes, and for what its worth, it was very hard within that time, but as the day was ending and figured that waiting 12 hours wont hurt, put it into the greenhouse to cure some more.

Will post pics tomorrow, if the weather hasnt arrived, might get the mast up verticle, but am monitoring the weather first…

Anyhow, my review of the product got published on the B&Q website.

Made me giggle it got thru the moderators 🙂