Its even quiet on EchoHam (EchoLink)

So with the weathing being what it is at the moment (Heavy Rain, Wind) I’m not erecting my buddipole. I’m just about over a niggling cold, and the thought of standing outside putting up and tuning an antenna doesnt sound a good idea if I’m going to be well tomorrow,

So with no alternative (ok, do have the Baofeng, but doesnt operate well indoors) I’m onto EchoLink, which also has the simplex gateway (Ed. its not a repeater….) MB7IFD on it. Whilst useage varies with hours, it really is quiet on there today, maybe it will pick up again later, or something untoward has happend !

A survey of the neighbourhood this morning showed no felled trees, but the real gusts of wind wont arrive until later today and tonight.. Maybe even those with static antennas have been put off by the bad weather, and as 2M is line of sight, height is important.

In the meantime, will keep Echolink on, and fire up listenig to hack-green HF WebSDR. Keeping it safe in the QTH 🙂