Not-so-6M, Tidying the lab and more kits !

So it has actually been not-so-bad weather in England this weekend. I have a dedicated 6M radio, the Yaesu – FT650, and havent really used it since purchasing. So having got all the components required to build a 6M Yagi with my Buddipole System, i set about building it up.

I was really amazed with the SWR I could get with this and how high the antenna could get, and I felt comfortable in the moderate breezes. I do apologies that I neglected to take any pictures of it up in the air tho.

Once I got the antenna up, i plugged it into the FT650 on 6m, sadly it was very quiet, i could make out some morse, but no FM/SSB voice. Whilst i was a bit disappointed, i was glad to get the Yagi up, having previously had a bad antenna failure, damaging an expensive buddipole antenna.

With that, the good weather continued and I needed quality time with the missus. Below more info on the Yaesu 🙂


So having sucsffuly built a KK Moon component analyzer, I am now getting ‘ambitious’, and went for the KKmoon DSO138 Digital Oscilloscope Kit It came with the main IC attached, but had plenty of surface mount resistors to attach.

With *alot* of patience and the amazing maginifying glasses I got the surface mount chips attached ! Whilst not amazing connections, I’m really happy that it worked and i could check all the resistor values with my voltmeter.

for scale, thats a mac keyboard, with other regular sized components and the SMT resistors !

Having tested the resistors I then took a nice break (i.e a day !) and will carry on with the IC’s. Its hard work, but rewarding, and am really looking forward to having a ‘working’ oscisscope, albeit a basic one, it will be great for what I need to do in the lab, and most importantly it is building my confidence for the Kanga DC Kit (which is nearly 50 quid !)

The Oscilloscope kit board, still far to go, but getting the SMT Resistors on made me happy!

Tidying the lab / Keeping the lab TIDY

I’ve been a licence amateur since December, and 3 months in have built up an assortment of radios. Also I had various 27Mhz (Citizen Band) radios sitting around as well. Overall the lab was getting ‘untidy’, and i found myself more frustrated than enjoying working the airwaves.

I set about the routine tidying, and sorting, putting the equipment I want to use when portable/in the bongo in a dedicated box, which will make moving/using it easier. This tidied alot of space right away !

I was then left with desk space, having tried 6M on the Yagi earlier, and found it rather empty, i thought, do i need the Yaesu setup now ? How much will I use it that given the Kenwood also does 6m, albeit on a seperate antenna (can only listen 6M or HF).

more deskspace without the Yaesu, but have to switch between 6m and HF on the Kenwood.

I decide for now to put the Yaesu in the radio box, ready for when I have more vertical space and a dedicated 6m antenna i can use. This has result in given far more space for the Kenwood and my Icom/Anytone which I use on 2m/70cm.

I set about tidying up the rest of the lab, esp the computer cables and mixing console which had got out of shape a bit, so that is now all in order.

I’m happy with how lab is now, can move about and build my kits in relative comfort and tidyness !

A tidy lab is a happy lab.