Nebula progress 20/1/2021

So as Storm Chistoph arrived in the UK the chances of any vertical work was off the planning today. At 8AM the weather looked abysmal with gusts and rain prevaling. I’m not adverse to bad weather, but given the limited time, risk factors and no real urgency to do this, held back on any vertical work.

When the rain did stop, i got out and measured the distance between the shack and mast base.

At approximately 7m, i think 10m to the shack and a 1 meter post-filter will give me enough ‘length’ to play with. The db loss of the cable is really impressive, you get what you pay for with M&P. I am looking forward to learning more on my antenna analyzer on how to measure cable performance as well.

I got as far as lifting the reel of cable from its resting place (think its nov/dec when it arrived!) but the bad weather and lack of time really prevented me from even cutting the cable to length, and didn’t fancy doing it indoors due to the size/weight of the reel.

I’m glad i got one small thing done despite the weather and am hoping that the rain and wind will stop before the weekend so i can do some testing on 80m

Until then, stay safe !

Alan / 2E0FWE