Yaesu FT-650 CTCSS Filter

Having made some progress on tidying the shack, I started to place the radios in their respective positions. One item I have had for a while, but not fitted, is the Piexx FTS-8px, so took the opputinty rather than leaving it out, to have it in ready for when connecting the antennnas back up.

The instructions are clear and easy to follow, only requiring a cross-headed screwdriver to get the case off. I had done some work already and removed the resistor which occupied the CTCSS socket.

Getting the board out took a bit of leverage with a small flat-bladed screwdriver, but came out easy enough. This was a very well put together radio with serviceability in mind.

I took a look around the board and look into the Yaeseu everything still looks really good all this years on.

One my Yagi is reconnected it will be a case of monitoring the 6m band to ‘come alive’ and see what, if any, repeaters I can hit. The nearest one i can see is in Bristol. some 46.96 nautical miles away.. we shall see, 6m has the reputation fo being the ‘magic band’ and its a case of being equipped ot make the most of it !

Until next time 73 and stay safe !

Alan / 2E0FWE