Is skip season coming ?

The great thing of having a WebSDR is the ability to monitor a huge amount of the HF spectrum visibly.

CB Operators on 27Mhz – mostly SSB, heard alot of French and Irish.

Seeing a sudden surge of red comms in the KiwiSDR, I then set about transmitting WSPR packets. And sure enough, I was reaching Italy with 5W on 10M !

WSPR on 10M with 5W

I still have my 2M/70cm and 6M beam to complete, but this really motivates me to get that done sooner rather than later, I hope the ‘skip’ season is around for a while, but it wont for me thats for sure !

In the mean time, here is an excellent video from Oxford Shortwave Youtube channel, demonstrating the reach he has on his 2m antenna, something I’d reallly like to do with FT8 as well !

Yaesu FT-650 CTCSS Filter

Having made some progress on tidying the shack, I started to place the radios in their respective positions. One item I have had for a while, but not fitted, is the Piexx FTS-8px, so took the opputinty rather than leaving it out, to have it in ready for when connecting the antennnas back up.

The instructions are clear and easy to follow, only requiring a cross-headed screwdriver to get the case off. I had done some work already and removed the resistor which occupied the CTCSS socket.

Getting the board out took a bit of leverage with a small flat-bladed screwdriver, but came out easy enough. This was a very well put together radio with serviceability in mind.

I took a look around the board and look into the Yaeseu everything still looks really good all this years on.

One my Yagi is reconnected it will be a case of monitoring the 6m band to ‘come alive’ and see what, if any, repeaters I can hit. The nearest one i can see is in Bristol. some 46.96 nautical miles away.. we shall see, 6m has the reputation fo being the ‘magic band’ and its a case of being equipped ot make the most of it !

Until next time 73 and stay safe !

Alan / 2E0FWE