DSO138 Digital Oscilloscope Kit

Prior to today

So I have been working on this kit in preperation of my Intermediate Practical exam. This isnt the kit I would use for submission, but I felt it was a good next step up from the voltage meter I have perviously made – this had quiet a few SMT resistors and several chips to add.

The component tester – a good first kit after years away of soldering/building kits, and useful !

I was able to utilize the component testing tool several times, for resistor values, transistor verifcation and capactiors. Some of the resistors are of very low value and wouldnt register, but was able to work those out via omission.

Recording a signal from a voltmeter

I was honestly amazed this worked first time, there was just so much which could of gone wrong, from over-heating transistors, components in wrong ways or shorts – but no, it worked first time ! I was really amazed, it had taken me about 5~6 hours in total time. I had a break of several weeks since my last build as I have just been so busy with my day work and rather tired during the evening (and very busy in the evening !).

Generating a signal from a voltmeter allowed me to test all the functions

You may notice one thing in the above pictures… I had forgotten to put the reset button on ! Thankfully this was in an easy to reach place and not so difficult to put on after the screen had been fitted (which does come out, but is a PITA to align).

My next kit is a signal generator and a frequncy counter where I will calibrate both the osclliscope and enjoy a digital read out, after that will come the Kanga kit for morse decoding, which should coincide with my HF antenna going up 🙂