1W SSTV on 80m ?!

When the SSTV band is quite and no one returning CQ calls, I will put out calls and test different modes and powers.

This morning I searched the KiwiSDR Signal-To-Noise list and found SWLJO43/3, City Windom, near Hamburg, Germany with a SNR of 43db. I tuned in to the SSTV frequency of 3730 and started my CQ transmissions, first with 50w and Scottie, then the fastest mode BW8, and 1W of power.

1W B/W8 Mode picture in center

I was really amazed that even on 1W and the BW8 mode I was able to discern a picture from a very low power transmission.

I think the KiwiSDR and more importantly the SNR list at http://rx.linkfanel.net/snr.html are an overlooked treasure for both the Short Wave Listener and the ham radio operator looking to check/hear their transmissions.

The KiwiSDR has many advantages over other SDRs in that it has native plugin which are rendered in the browser, requiring no software on the part of the user, just select the relevant module, and tune to the frequency !

KiwiSDR SSTV Plugin Selection

I do own a KiwiSDR and connected to a Wellbrook ALA provides excellent receive for others that want to use a SDR based in South West England.